Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games in the industry and have a large fan community. One of the most recognized brands among casino games is Diamonds Are Forever slot machines, whose theme is based on the Bond film, which in turn debuted recently at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood. All gambling fans are constantly questioning when a new virtual slot game will come on the market. However, when it comes to a new game, for casino fans the wait is really long, especially when there are still physical slots that have not been connected. Next, a small list of them:

Slot Machine # 1: Walking dead Land

As the name implies, is a theme based on the popular TV series of zombies that was broadcast for the first time in 2010 and caused a great commotion in moviegoers. It is a 5×4 slot machine and its graphics only allude to the first season of the series, that for obvious reasons, users will see everywhere the gore in each character and symbols. The figures that correspond to the biggest prizes are graphed by the main characters of the program, while the most outstanding of them all is figured by Reel Growth. The most outstanding technical features of this slot are the last 4 reels, they have the peculiarity of growing up to seven rows, while the jokers can replace some random positions.

Slot Machine # 2: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

It is a slot machine whose theme is based on the classic film of 1961 that boosted Hepburn Audrey’s signature. Among the technical features, it has 2 sets of reels, one pair for Paul (Peppard) and the other pair for Holly (Hepburn), where fans can choose to play with both sets of reels or just one according to their preference. The figures in this slot allude to the iconic symbols of the film that also include its characteristic elements. On the reels appear the figures of the main characters such as Paul and Holly, the events of the film were integrated as additional features such as Five & Dime Store and the particular typewriter.

Slot machine # 3: Vacation of National Lampoon

A slot machine whose theme is based on the cult film and American comedy of 1983, in the video slot, users can relive the best and funniest scenes in the film. To get the best prizes, fans should try to combine three bonus symbols in one turn, while instant bonuses are found on the largest wheel at the top of the cabinet. There you will also find the multipliers of payment and open a door to get better bonuses.

One of the biggest attractions of this slot is its free spins, for this, players must get the Walley World Bonus which can be accumulated as if they were symbols.

Slot machines # 4: Harley Davidson

The popular brand also makes its partition as a theme in slot machines. With this theme, users can enjoy high-definition sound effects that allude to the brand, such as: gear change or burn tires. All the symbols make references to the popular motorcycles where the best paid are five classic motorcycles of the brand. The stacked joker is represented by the Harley Davidson logo.

Like any slot machine, the Harley Davidson, players can activate Mega, Maxi or mini free spins so fans can get better prizes and higher winnings. One way to get more free spins with multipliers are in the higher level features